Casey Friesen

  My name is Casey Friesen. I have worked at Kenton Elementary for eight years. I spent five years in 2nd grade and three years teaching 3rd grade. I am so excited to learn new things from every student I work with. I was born and grew up in Colorado. I went to Hastings College in Nebraska for college and played soccer there all four years. I still love playing soccer and going running. I am also one of the Kenton Run Club Team coaches. My job is to accelerate the learning for every APS student, every day. I do my job by ensuring my students know they are important to me, to our school, to our city and to our country.  I do my job by ensuring my students get the attention they need to enhance their educational experience and academic proficiencies.  I do my job by setting every student up to be successful every day. Most importantly, my kids need me to excel at my job. My community needs me to do my job.