Jason Smartt

  “Hi, my name is Jason Smartt and it is my first year at Kenton Elementary and my fourth year with Aurora Public Schools. I graduated from the University of South Florida with a degree in telecommunications and had the honor to work for The Associated Press, WTSP Channel 10 News and Vocus (Public Relations/ Sales) before I found what I love to do; I love engaging communities to promote leadership and growth in our students. Outside of work, I enjoy everything Colorado has to offer such as hiking, camping, fishing, and rock-climbing. I have a 4-year-old Lab/Retriever that has traveled throughout the country with me and climbed a lot amount of mountains by my side. My passion is traveling and being able to connect with people from different cultures and backgrounds in order to gain a full perspective on the world. I have a passion for art and I do creative photography and spoken word poetry, as much as I can. I am excited to bring everything I’ve learned along the way and to learn everything I can as I embark on my first year with Kenton Elementary serving as a Community Liaison. My job is to accelerate the learning of every APS student every day. I do my job by creating an inclusive school community with the help of local businesses, parents and teachers. My community needs me to do my job!”