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Kenton Kares Health Project

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Welcome to our page! We are a group of medical students and local pediatric doctors who are working to help the students of Kenton be as healthy as they can! We do this in 3 ways:
  1. We teach students about health topics in their classes
  2. We discuss health topics with parents
  3. We try to make sure that the students are able to get the health check-ups and treatments they need outside of school.
Please see some of our documents below for more information, and our calendar for our events this semester.

Things To Do:

  1. Let us know your suggestions for new health topics to teach!
      Please submit your suggestions here: Health Topics Survey    
  2. Fill out our Health Needs Survey!Let us know what we can work on or provide you with to help keep your child healthy! 
    English: English Health Needs Survey  
    Spanish:Necesidades de Salud 
  3. Check out the Health Teaching Calendar to see what topics are being taught this month! 
  4. Go through the Health Checklist with your child and help them check off things as you do them! (Or place on star on each!) Talk about the Health Tips with your child as well. 
    Kenton Kares Health Checklist  
    Kenton Kares Helpful Health Tips 
  5. Look at the guides to local clinics, dentists, insurance, and other important health resources. They include ways to make appointments for each clinic. 
    Kenton Kares Resource Guide - English 
    Kenton Kares Resource Guide - Espanol 
    Kenton Kares Resource Guide - Nepali 
    Kenton Kares Resource Guide -Burmese 
    Kenton Kares Resource Guide- Karen 
  6. Give us feedback!
    We want to hear if you have trouble with using the guides, if the documents aren’t working, or any other questions or concerns you have. Let us know if you think we could be working for your children’s health in a different or better way.
     Give Feedback Here!