Odessa Hubbard

I am a Paraeducator in the DLC program at Kenton Elementary.  My name is Odessa Hubbard as a young Child my family moved to Colorado, from Kansas City, Missouri.  I spent all of my childhood attending school in Denver, Co.  I graduated from John F. Kennedy High School.
I found my self joining each and every club, group, and society I could become a member of!  I enjoyed 048gymnastics, out side activities, and arts and crafts.
I have always enjoyed attending to children, even when I was young.  I did my first encounter working with children when I was in jr. high school for school credits, for a day care program.  At the age of fifteen I baby sat four siblings.  I have been a Group Leader in daycares, worked summer schools, theater programs, and much more.  I began to not only have a joy working with children but a LOVE working with children!
I have had the opportunity to experience other jobs but I always come back to children.
* My job is to accelerate learning for  every A.P.S. student every day.
*I do my job by... assess student needs and progress, develop comprehension, understanding of all learning experiences, for students,  maintaining student-centered supportive enviroments.
*My community needs me to do my job.